The Guitars

Here you can see photos of the different models I build.

Classical Guitars

Guitar based on traditional Spanish models, this guitar is built in a deluxe version with traditional woods and in a more economical and sustainable version with alternative woods such as Guayubira, Guayacan, Bolivian rosewood, mahogany, etc.

Detachable Guitars

This is a guitar inspired by the designs of luthier Thomas Humphrey with the addition of the adjustable and removable neck system manufactured in Vienna at the beginning of the 19th century by luthier Johann Stauffer. The system not only allows to remove the handle of the guitar, but also makes it possible to adjust the string height in a very simple way according to the guitarist’s taste.

Contemporary Guitars

This guitar, also inspired by the designs of luthier Thomas Humphrey, has an elevated neck (Millennium neck) and different from Humphrey’s guitars, this model has no heel, which allows greater comfort when playing beyond the twelfth fret. This idea of eliminating the heel is taken from the Argentine luthier Ricardo Louzao who devised these handles for his guitars.

Cutaway Guitars

This cutaway guitar has a personal design, the lower side is also slotted into the neck allowing the carving of a 45 degree inclined heel that makes it easier for the hand to slide into the trebles. This guitar as well as the seven string guitars have a double action truss rod in the neck.

Romantic Guitars

Romantic guitar, or guitar of the 1800’s. It is a guitar model based on the designs of French luthiers of the time such as Louis Pons and René Lacôte. The string length is 64cm and can be modified according to the guitarist’s taste, as well as its woods and aesthetic details.

Baroque Guitars

The so-called baroque guitars are reproductions of guitars from the XVII and XVIII centuries. Taking into account that there were no construction standards at that time, we can only replicate some of the guitars that still exist, which by the way are all very different, or we can also try to imagine how would have been some of those that no longer exist. For example there were many guitars of common people that today we cannot appreciate and that surely were more modest than those that today we can see in different museums. Some of the luthiers of the time that inspired this guitar are Giorgio Sellas; Jean Voboam; Jean-Nicolas Lambert; Giacomo Ertel and Antonio Stradivarius.